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Hello, and Welcome!

Well, things are looking a little bit bare around here.

I recently decided to change web hosts, and in the process decided to start with a clean slate, since I hadn’t actually maintained my blog in about four years–and most of the content that was there wasn’t particularly relevant to me anymore. My apologies if you’re looking for some of my old content on Oracle APEX; rest assured, most of it is out of date now, and you should be looking for more recent content.

My name is David. I’m a husband, father of three, outdoor enthusiast, and a programmer. This blog is for my own opinions, and does not reflect those of my employer (or anyone else).

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I’m also the creator and maintainer for WriteTrack, a free tool for authors to set goals and track their progress. What makes WriteTrack special is that it adjusts around your schedule–you set your goal and timeframe, and then adjust the days as needed. If there are days you can’t (or just don’t want to) write, set them to zero; if there are days where you want to write more, adjust those higher. WriteTrack then tells you how much you need to write each day to reach your goal. And it continues to adjust as you go, so if you get ahead of schedule, your daily goals will go down.

I’ll be adding more as time passes, so please do feel free to check back!

1 thought on “Hello, and Welcome!”

  1. I don’t think your article on Oracle recursive with clauses would necessarily be out of date. I had a tab open to this page for a long time (buried amongst the others – obviously for a very long time) so I could come back to it. Sorry it’s gone.

    Nevertheless, kudos to you for taking the initiative to master a new O/S and coding language to build an iOS app. Sounds like it will be a great one.

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